Foster A Dawg

We are currently seeking qualified foster families to care for our dawgs. MFDM Rescue Fosters are fully sponsored and there are no out of pocket costs. This includes all medical care, prescriptions, food, toys, and materials that the foster dawgs may need.

Our foster program is constructed of a large group of Colorado families that have opened their homes to our rescue dogs. By temporarily housing rescue dog in a functional home we can erase the stresses that boarding facilities can induce. The integration of a rescue pup into an established pack promotes socialization and develops self confidence. In addition, the rescue pup receives individualized attention and love from their foster family.

Foster families are integral component of the welfare of our rescue dogs. They are able to provide inside information and observations about their foster pups. The detailed knowledge that is provided to potential adopters contributes to the overall success of the adoption ensuring that it’s a good fit for everyone involved. We encourage our foster parents to ask adopters questions that are not listed in the agreement/application that may come about in conversation. Also, we recommend that adopters share past dog experiences with the foster parents and facilitator. By sharing information we are able to determine which rescue dog would fit better with your individual lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here at MFDM Rescue we believe that our rescue dawgs benefit living with families rather than being boarded. Foster families open their homes to rescue dawgs and care for them .

Foster families must complete an application, pass a background check, and either own their own home or have written permission from their landlord. All foster applicants will also have a home visit to ensure that there is adequate space for a foster.


Foster families are responsible for the daily care that the rescue dawg requires. Most often the care is consists of feeding, watering, walking, and most importantly loving the rescue dawg. Sometimes a foster dawg will need to receive medicine or need a ride to a veterinarian appointment. Most importantly, foster families need to give lots and lots of love to their foster dawg and show them the ropes on how to be a functioning pack member in their temporary home.


Generally foster dawgs stay with their foster families for 1-5 weeks. Sometimes, in special cases foster dawgs wind up staying longer than five weeks.


After we receive the application and have decided whether the potential adopter is a good fit for your foster dawg, we may ask you to arrange a meet & greet with the potential adopter. You are not required to have the potential adopter over to your home. You can meet them at a local dog park or other public establishment to introduce them to your foster pup. We put a lot of stock into what our foster parents think of potential adopters. We want your honest opinion on whether you think it will be a good fit for your foster dawg or not.


Unless it has been previously arranged. We ask the foster NOT to send their rescue pups home with the potential adopter until all of the paper work and home check has been completed.


MFDM will pay for all vet bills for the foster dawg and any other animal that becomes sick in the foster home. However, all animals must be treated by our Veterinarian, Dr. G, of After Hours Vet Care in Lakewood, Colorado. or at Animal Care Center of Aurora in Aurora, Colorado.


There are no out of pocket costs for foster families. MFDM rescue will pay for all expenses and provide all necessary items for the foster dog including food, vet bills, leashes, toys, dog beds, and crates. If you wind up buying food or other supplies for your foster dawg MFDM rescue will reimburse you when a receipt is provided. Please note: we get a lot of our donations in the form of food and care items for the dawgs. Please check with us if possible before making purchases, as may times we can get any items to you very quickly and without out of pocket expense to you.


Foster families have the first opportunity to adopt their foster dawgs.


If you are having a behavioral issue with your foster dawg contact us to discuss solutions to the problem. If there is need for the trainer to visit, the Director will contact the trainer and set up an appointment for you as soon as possible.


If you can not keep your foster dawg for any reason you must immediately call us and let us know what is happening. We will make arrangements to move the foster dog as soon as possible. Under no circumstances are fosters to ever move or adopt out their fosters without prior permission from the Director.


If your foster dawg needs emergency vet care please call Dr. G of After Hours Vet Care in Lakewood immediately and then call the Director.