The Adoption Process

We are a Colorado dog rescue focused on saving dogs from abusive and neglectful situations. Adopting a dog is not the end of the story, it’s the beginning! Our philosophy is to find the right family for the dog and the right dog for the family. Read all about our process below. For a quick video overview of the process, click here.

√ Step 1: Complete and submit the adoption application.

Because all our dogs are in private foster homes, living as family members, we must review your application before we can set up a meet and greet.

√ Step 2: Schedule a Meet & Greet with the dog, and a personal interview with the foster parent

Rather than a loud, boisterous pet store or unknown location, the foster will schedule your meet & greet at a place the dog is comfortable, allowing their personality to shine! The interview process allows the foster to determine if your family is a good fit for the dawg, because they know the dogs in their home best! This is your opportunity to ask the foster questions too, so that you and your new pup are on the same page!

√ Step 3: Home Check

After the interview and meet & greet, if you are interested in moving forward with the adoption process, we will schedule a home visit. This may be conducted by one of our foster parents or a local volunteer. They will want to see things such as your fencing, the security of your home, where your new dawg will sleep and eat, and they will identify any things that need to be corrected before the adoption can be completed.

√ Step 4: Pay your adoption fee and complete part 2 of the application

Each application has a custom 2nd part with specific requirements and agreements for the individual dog you are adopting, such as training requirements, additional health care expectations, and other “fine print.” We will discuss all this with you before you sign, so nothing will be a surprise! This contract will also specify the amount of the adoption fee, which you can pay by clicking here: Pay your adoption fee. We use PayPal as our processor for the adoption fee and donation collections. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card!

√ Step 5: Welcome your new dog into the family!

Each dog gets an initial trial period of 2-3 days. This is important to allow both you and your new dog to be sure it’s a perfect fit. If it’s not, we will accept the dog back into the rescue organization. We will retain a $100 processing cost from the adoption fee.

√ Step 6: Adoption is official!

Compared to buying a dog from a breeder with high costs and all the out-of-pocket expenses for basic needs like vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping, adopting a dog from My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue means receiving a dog with its basic needs already met and more. All of our dogs are adopted out with the following:

√ Up-to-date on all vaccinations
√ Spayed/neutered
√ Lifetime enrollment with a microchip
√ A My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue ID tag
√ Kennel-training and potty-training​
√ Socialization and more!

We take pride in our adoption options.

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