The Rocket’s Red Glare

Since it’s been so wet in Colorado this year, the fireworks displays will be amazing, we are sure!

However, our 4-legged friends are NOT fans of the explosions, and this time of year is prime time for lost and found dogs.

NOW is the time to confirm your microchip info is up to date! If you have a MFDM dawg, call us to verify! If you don’t have a microchip on *every* pet, you should get one, for their safety.

Additionally, these tips are crucial to protecting your dog at all times, but especially this time of year:

1. Don’t take them to events where there will be fireworks
2. Make sure your fence is secure in case they bolt out of fear
3. Keep them in the house after dark if at all possible
4. Provide a safe space for them, perhaps in a basement or interior room
5. Consider staying home with them rather than going out to the fireworks
6. Try a Thundershirt or other calming product (might be good with the rash of thunderstorms we have been having too.)

What are your tips for keeping your kiddos safe?