Adoption Stories: The Reycers

Dog farts are the worst, seriously how can they be that bad? He eats the very best food and is exercised regularly but still so they are lethal. We laugh and gag and then laugh again every single time he lets one go. He is a good sport about our laughing but that is probably because he not only gets to sleep on the bed, he gets to sleep under the sheets!

We wanted a dog very badly but didn’t just want any old dog, we wanted the best damn dog ever. After searching for months we stumbled upon Einstein formerly known as Benjamin Whittaker. Who wouldn’t love that face and oh my gosh those eyes that were screaming “could you be my new moms?!?!” The moment we met him we knew it was a done deal, Benjamin would become Einstein and he would be the best damn dog ever!

The day of our wedding was perfect. The wife and her people were getting prepped and primped while Einstein, my people, and myself ate, drank, and then fumbled into our dapper clothes. To be honest, Einstein looked the best in his bowtie like he always does. People always say the bride steals the show but we both agree the entire family stole the show; the wife, Einstein, and myself!

From adventures in the mountains to naps on the couch we are a furever family loving doing life together. You might say he is spoiled but really we are the spoiled ones because we have the best damn dog ever!

– The Reycers