Let me be very clear. If anyone ever hurts one of our dawgs I will make sure that their name is added to the DNA(DO NOT ADOPT list). And if the situation calls for it I will press charges. No where in the state of Colorado, or within the Nation, is there a law that requires a person to take on a pet. 

People need to think  long and hard about adopting a dog from us. Abuse or neglect of any sort will not be taken lightly. Below is an email to the person that adopted Buster 4 months ago. The person returned Buster yesterday. I am not embarrassed to share my thoughts on this situation. I will always stand up for not just our dawgs, but any animal or person that is in need.NEVER ever be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.  After all you may possibly be the only voice that creature has. 


“I am confused…at no point in the last four months did you look at Buster and think there might be a medical problem or issue with his food intake/processing? Did it occur to you that he was too skinny? That he needed more food? Could you not see that his hip bones were protruding? That his coat felt like cotton candy? Did you not see that he has a terrible sunburn on his nose? How long was he left outside exposed, without water? Did you not see a stark contrast in the light and energy in his eyes from the day you brought him home from the time you returned him? 

Well I did. 

He’s not the same dog we gave you guardianship over four months ago, not just physically, but mentally. Buster does not act like a year old puppy. He looks battered and beat down. He’s broken. 

We liked you. (Name deleted)The foster parent went to bat for you. We believed in you and your ability to care for one of our Rescue dogs. We expected you to treat him like he was a part of your family. 

I am positive that if your child was in the same physical shape that Buster is in you would seek medical attention immediately. I am positive that if your child was hungry and thirsty you would make sure and get him what he needed. 

As far as our inquiries offending you, neither the (Name deleted) foster parent nor I will apologize for having Buster’s best interest at heart. I stand behind (Name deleted) the foster parent 100%! I applaud (Name deleted) them for having enough courage to ask you to your face what was going on. How very lucky I am (Name deleted) that person is on my team.

I could care less how “I made you feel” by questioning you about the welfare of animal that was obviously mistreated and neglected. Once you requested we take him back under our rescue umbrella I asked you to give him back to us immediately. You declined immediate relinquishment. Allowing you to keep him an additional week was poor judgment on my part. 

But, really and truly, thank you for returning him to us. And thank you for helping raise the standard of what we expect from our adopters. As a direct result of THIS experience and the abuse that Buster has endured WE WILL make sure this never happens to another one of our dogs! 

The rescue community will be made aware of what you have done to Buster. Consider yourself lucky that I don’t report you to the authorities for animal neglect.

Lastly, I welcome you to post this message all over the internet and tell everyone about My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue. It will save us a lot of time weeding out people like you! 

God help your other dog and your child.” 

Nikki Gwin


My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue

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