Diary of a Rescue Dawg

Day 1: Dear Diary,

My humans say they don’t want me anymore. I’m not sure what I did wrong… I always try to be a good dawg. They brought me to this strange Land of Cages and it’s cold. There’s lots of other dawgs here but we’re not allowed to be friends for some reason. I don’t like it. I wish I could go home soon.

Day 2: Dear Diary,

Remember when I ate mom’s new shoes a couple months ago? Maybe that’s why my humans left me here. Still cold, still no friends, and still waiting for my furever. When do I get to leave?

Day 5: Dear Diary,

The people here are very nice, but there are so many of us that I don’t get very many pets and loves. I miss snuggling and I’m so very lonely. They can only afford to feed us 1 cup a day and I’m starting to get pretty hungry. Please help.

Day 11: Dear Diary,

A very nice family stopped to look in my cage today. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I tried to lick their hands through the wires so they could see how sweet I am. Before they walked away, one of the larger humans looked at my Info card and shook his head. I wonder what it says.

Day 20: Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I think I might be going crazy from living in this tiny room. I can hardly keep track of day and night, which makes holding my potty more difficult. The nice humans mop up my pee when I forget and go in my cage but it’s really starting to smell in here.

Day 22: Dear Diary,

Who had a meet and greet today? This dog! One of the nice humans slipped a leash on me and walked me to a much cozier room where I got to play with a family. I was so charming Diary; I’m sure they loved me and I’ll be going to my furever home any day now!

Day 24: Dear Diary,

I saw the family again today. They were walking away with another dog. I guess they didn’t like me. Still waiting for my furever.

Day 51: Dear Diary,

It’s getting colder outside and the empty cages are filling up. I’ve never seen (or heard) so many puppies at once—it’s terrible and I can’t sleep. The good news is that these whiny babies never seem to stay long. I’m only two years old, why doesn’t anyone want me?

Day 67: Dear Diary,

Merry Christmas. They gave us extra food today, which was very exciting. My ribs are all starting to show on my sides and my tummy just won’t stop rumbling. One of the other dawgs told me that they don’t usually keep dawgs here more than 60 days… What do you think happens to the dawgs when their time is up?

Day 71: Dear Diary,

I’m not in the Land of Cages anymore. They’ve moved me to an even smaller cage stacked on top of other dawgs in cages… I think we’ve been driving all day Diary, and I’m really scared. When the nice humans first put a leash on me, I was so excited! But now I kinda think I’d just rather be back in my big cage. The dawg below me won’t stop howling and says they’re taking us all to die. Do you really think they would do that Diary?

Day 72: Dear Diary,

They did not kill us. The Truck of Cages finally stopped in a parking lot and we were all passed out to different humans. Mine seems nice enough. She got me a hamburger on the way home, but I was so anxious I sorta vomited it back up on her seat. She didn’t hit me, or even yell, so I guess that’s kind of cool. This doesn’t feel like furever, but at least it’s not a cage. Her family (human and furry) were all nice to me too. The humans gave me a bath last night, which I hated, but I feel much better now. I think I am going to go rest for a little while.

Day 93: Dear Diary,

My foster family is so good to me! They feed me lots and have helped me remember my potty training—whew! We play this fun game called: Sit! The humans say that word, I stop wiggling long enough to put my butt on the ground, and then I get cookies. It’s really fun! We go for walks all the time too! Man, I like it here! Do you think maybe these humans will keep me? I sure hope so, I can’t wait for my furever!

Day 97: Dear Diary,

I got into a fight with my fosterdog siblings today and the humans said I had to go. I didn’t mean to be so angry, I was just surprised and I don’t like it when other dawgs sneak up on me when I’m eating… I’m still so hungry all the time. Oh Diary, what if they take me back to that horrible Land of Cages??!

Day 99: Dear Diary,

New foster home. New people. New dawgs. I’m so stressed out. Will I ever find my furever? Must sleep.

Day 112: Dear Diary,

I met some wonderful new humans today at this event my foster mom took me to with a whole bunch of other foster dawgs. It was really fun and they said they wanted to adopt me! Foster mom says she’s crossing her paws for me, but she doesn’t have paws, and I find that confusing.

Day 115: Dear Diary,

The adoption fell through. I got to stay with them for a night but I was so nervous that I peed in the house six times and chewed on their wooden coffee table. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or if I’ll ever be able to fix it. My nightmares are getting worse Diary. Still waiting for my furever…

Day 122: Dear Diary,

I’m feeling more comfortable here. I know it’s still not my furever, but these humans are nice and I like to sniff in the yard. I started to play with the other dawgs today but got scared and started barking. Don’t tell anyone, but I really wish I could play like other dawgs… they seem to be having so much fun.

Day 127: Dear Diary,

I practiced playing today! And chased squirrels! All in all, it was a pretty good day to be a dawg. I have to go because it’s time for snuggles with my foster mom. All four of us get to take up as much space on her bed as we want and she curls into a tiny ball between us—it’s awesome! I just wish I had my very own humans to cuddle with….

Day 136: Dear Diary,

I’m working so hard to be a good dawg and get adopted. Still waiting for my furever…

This is Joplin and she is currently being fostered in Denver, CO. Think you might be her or another dawg’s chance at furever? Take a look at our Adoptable Dawgs–your soulmate is still waiting!

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