Dalton – Adopted!!

Dog's Name: Dalton
Age: 4 years
Breed: Bloodhound
I am a: Neutered male
Weight: 90
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: -
Adoption Fee: $350.00

Adopted! Congratulations Dalton!

Dalton is an amazing dog. He was raised to be a search and rescue dog….but he doesn’t really care about doing search and rescue! As his handler says “he doesn’t care about the people who *aren’t* here, when there are humans *right here* who can pet him!”

Dalton is your typical bloodhound in terms of energy, emotions, food and shelter needs. He likes to sing in the morning, and nap all day. If there is a human nearby, he wants pets.

This is your chance to welcome an amazing bloodhound boy into you family.