Hepsie – ADOPTED

Dog's Name: Hepsie
Age: 1.5 yrs
Breed: Fox hound
I am a: female
Weight: TBD
Cat Friendly? Yes
Special Notes: No children under 10. No apartment style or townhouse living
Adoption Fee: $225.00

Hepsie loves to snuggle and to get as many pets as possible from her favorite humans! She will go great lengths to get a yummy treat and loves meal time more than anything. She would love a patient owner that lets her sniff and sniff and sniff! She’s potty trained, responds to ‘come,’ and doesn’t bark in or out of the home.

This gorgeous girl is house trained and will not chew on your things, She adapts to new situations easily and will do well in a home with any number of people. She loves to play and get daily exercise! She would love another dog in the home but would also love to be by herself so can get more attention.

For the most part she walks well on a leash but she is terrified of skateboards and can startle at loud noises so she needs someone strong that’s prepared to hang on tight when she tries to dart away from scary situations! Feed her, give her lots of pets, and tell her she’s a good girl and you’ll have the sweetest and calmest companion for life.