Jethro and Marley – Bonded Pair – ADOPTED

Dog's Name: Jethro & Marley
Age: Bonded Pair, 10 years olf
Breed: Bloodhound and Black & Tan
I am a: Boy and Girl
Weight: TBD
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: Bonded pair. Must be adopted together
Adoption Fee: 0.00

Jethro and Marley
Male and Female
BloodHound and Black and Tan Hound
10 years old
Bonded pair. Must be adopted together

Jethro is a very intelligent, affectionate dog. He loves hugs and kisses, and will not hesitate to ask for them. He is an old boy, so he just needs a comfy dog bed to sleep on in a quiet home with his sister. He does enjoy going for short walks. A home without a lot of stairs would be best. He is scared of slick floors, so carpet would be great for him, but he gets along fine with a few well placed rugs. He does not bark much, but is good at communicating his needs, and will look to you if he needs help getting around.

Marley is a very happy and confident dog. She is sometimes vocal, but her voice is soft and raspy and pleasant to listen to. She likes to sing the song of her people, and will sing when she needs to go potty, when it’s time to eat or sometimes when she just wants attention. Marley is a little more active than Jethro, despite her arthritis, and has an easy time getting around on level ground. She likes to look out the door to see what is going on and loves watching birds and other animals. She has a hard time going up the stairs, so the fewer the better.

Up to date on vaccinations, neutered/spayed, chipped
Good with other dogs
Looking for a home to retire in
Jethro just had his teeth cleaned and a growth removed from his eye. He’s doing great!
Adoption fee TBD