Dog's Name: Juno
Age: Approx 1.5 years
Breed: Rottweiler
I am a: Spayed Female
Weight: 75 lbs
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: Rottie experienced only.
Adoption Fee: $250.00

Congratulations Juno!! ADOPTED!!

Juno is a sweet heart in need of someone ready to commit to her. Recently rescued from Kansas where she was left with another Rottie without shelter, food or water and confiscated by Animal Control. She needs some training, but is a fast learner with treats and mostly praise. The ideal home for Juno would be experienced with rottweilers – they’re sweet, and smart, and large, so kind of a special personality. If you’ve had a rottie, you know!

Juno is good on a leash, crate trained and house trained. She’s not a crazy puppy, but rather a chill Rottie pup. She enjoys walks and toys and does play for a bit with the resident dogs, then is ready for quiet time. She loves water and yes…people!

With Juno in your family, you’ll never lonely and if you happen to have a bad day, she’ll make it all better with her soulful eyes, gentle paw taps and head on your lap.