Maven – Adopted!!

Dog's Name: Maven
Age: 2.5 years
Breed: Black and Tan Hound (petite)
I am a: spayed female
Weight: 45 lbs
Cat Friendly? Yes
Special Notes: No apartments or townhouses, no kids under 10. Maven needs a very special human with a very kind goodwill ambassador to show her how to be a dog.
Adoption Fee: 200.00

Maven is a special girl with special needs. She is shy to start but really warms up to people once she feels safe. She is especially fond of children.
Maven needs a very gentle person that understands the nature of animal abuse and the lasting effect it can have.
We have no idea what she endured prior to making her way to us in Colorado. However, the trauma that she endured surrounds food. She needs a quiet place to eat where she can take her time. She is fearful when a human approaches her at meal time. She gets close to the ground and will crawl away. At this time she doesn’t trust enough to take treats from a human hand.
The thing about Maven is that she is at her best when with other dogs. All of her cares seem to drift away. On any given day you can find her in her back yard running, romping, and wrestling with her foster brothers and sister. It’s people that are the problem. She just doesn’t know who the good guys are.
Maven’s perfect home will be laid back. At least one of her humans will have experience working with animals that have suffered severe trauma. They will take their time letting her get comfortable and not set the expectations too high. This family will start with slow walks and get her acclimated to her surroundings. This family should have at least one other dog that can be classified as a goodwill ambassador.
If you think you can be a Maven whisperer contact us and we can talk in detail.
Maven is currently being fostered in Aurora, Colorado.