Penny Dawg – ADOPTED

Dog's Name: Penny
Age: 2.5 Years
Breed: Redbone Hound
I am a: female, spayed
Weight: 45 pounds (very petite for a redbone!)
Cat Friendly? Yes
Special Notes: Secured, fenced yard, no apartments
Adoption Fee: $200.00


Petite Miss Penny is timid and shy when you first meet her, but given time she warms up to humans and is incredibly sweet.  She is very affectionate and loves to be right next to her person. She epitomizes the Red Bone Breed-they are bred to bond tightly with their people.

Penny is currently learning basic commands and walks well on a leash with a harness. She does not like to be crated. Being confined is terrifying for her.  She is your quintessential Colorado Girl! She LOVES being outside!  And she LOVES LOVES LOVES the water!
This pretty girl gets along with kids, cats, and dogs. She will do best in a home with a six foot, secured, fenced backyard. Off leash activity is a no go-as she will follow her nose, and hounds become easily confused with traffic.