Red Dawg – Adopted!!

Dog's Name: Red Dawg
Age: 12
Breed: Red Bone Hound
I am a: Male
Weight: 55 pounds
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: Unknown with cats, needs a calm, loving family.
Adoption Fee: $250.00

Adopted 6/27/19. Congratulations Red Dawg!

Hey folks, I’m going to start my bio with this…the nitty gritty…If you can’t keep me furever, don’t take me….my little hound heart just can’t take being re-homed again.

My name is Red, the Red Bone Hound.

I am in a bit of a tough spot, and I swear to Dawg, it’s really not my fault. I am a very, very good boy…..just ask my foster mom. Six years ago, MFDM rescued me, and I was adopted. I truly thought I had found my furever home. Then something changed. I wasn’t sure what, but I knew something had shifted.My “furever” family moved, and they didn’t take me. For real, my furever family wasn’t really furever.

My foster mom is real sweet, and we had a conversation about my perfect family and home. This is what we decided:

Red’s perfect family will have loving, calm humans who are not too loud. He would love for family members to sit with him and give him snuggles and belly rubs. He would love to sleep with you or be in his crate at night. Red would be happy if his humans were home most of the time, but he can handle being alone in his crate while the family is gone. He is strong and healthy and surprisingly agile for his age. Red has lots of energy for walks, and would be happiest if he got a walk or two/day. The perfect home will be a calm space with lots of love and soft spots to lay. Red wants to be where his humans are so feel free to bring him along with you wherever you are working in the house or yard. He will bark when people come to the home, so his new people have to be OK with that and just need to reassure him that visitors are welcome and safe.