Scarlette – ADOPTED!

Scarlette! Mommy of these amazing puppies.
Dog's Name: Scarlette
Age: 5
Breed: Redbone Hound
I am a: Female - needs to be spayed
Weight: 50 lbs
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: Scarlette is very very timid. She had a litter of puppies in the summer, and is ready to be treated like a queen!
Adoption Fee: $100.00

Scarlette is a middle aged gal. She doesn’t talk much about her past. But, from what we can gather, she has spent the better part of her life being a single mom. After her last relationship ended she found herself pregnant and homeless. She hitched a ride to Colorado and gave birth in June of this year.Now that all the kids have moved out, Scarlette is ready to start perusing the next chapter in her life. She has been spayed and recently had her teeth cleaned.
This stunning Ginger is looking for a long term relationship with an established family or a single person. She would prefer to live in a home with a yard. She is open to sharing her space with a canine companion-but its not necessary. She hasn’t confirmed whether she finds the company of cats and other small animals, such as chickens, acceptable.
Scarlette is an “old soul” that is mostly serious, but you can see that fun side peek through every once in a while.
We assume that once she gets her pre-baby body back her confidence will soar.
We’ll be honest, she isn’t much of a cook. However, she’ll never complain about any meal you set down in front of her. She is non-smoker, doesn’t drink alcohol, or coffee-But she doesn’t judge those who take partake.
She is keeps her opinions about politics and religion to herself. She exercises moderately and keeps a clean house. Overall, she is supportive gal that wants the people around her to be happy!
If you are interested in setting a time up to meet Scarlette please complete an application today!