Don’t leave dawgs or kids in hot cars

Last summer Sadie and I were working at Knee Deep In Dawgs located in Denver, Colorado. A man parked right in front of the kennel and left his Golden Retriever in the car. It was approximately 90 degrees; mid July. We watched, we waited, I fretted, Five minutes passed…Seven minutes passed. I couldn’t take it. I walked out to the car reached my hand in and unlocked the door and pulled her out. The car alarm went off, and I thought that would alert the man…NOTHING! We brought the dawg inside to the air conditioning and gave her water. She was anxious being with strangers and wanted her person back. But, she was so sweet and well behaved. I called the guy several times (his number was on her tag). He never picked up. I think it was close to an hour and half before he came back. He went to the bar. When he finally realized his dawg was gone and that I was the person responsible he called me. He yelled, he screamed, he called me nasty names. He said he was going to call the police on me. I told him I was okay with getting a violation for breaking into a car as long as he was okay with getting an animal abuse charge and drunk driving. We eventually gave him his dawg back. My point in sharing this story, is that if you have any doubt in your heart or your mind if an animal or person is in danger HELP THEM! I will break a car window. I will call someone out for mistreating an animal. I will unchain a dawg. I will make sure that small child wandering around the store unattended is reunited with their care giver. I would rather be labeled as over reactive and high strung then sitting back and “hoping” it all goes well or someone else does something. So you go ahead and break that window and we’ll deal with the repercussions later. And I DO mean “WE”. I stand behind you 100%. A broken window is better than a an innocent soul that died from heat exhaustion. We are the ONLY voice they have.Nikki Executive Director of My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue Denver, Colorado

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