Foster Failures: A Blessing

by Shannon (Guest Blogger)

Many of you have heard my story of how I met the infamous, “Fairy Dawg Mother.” But for those of you who do not know…my story goes a lil’ something like this…


On June, 4 2012, my dog, Penny, was hit by a car and put down. I was at the Denver Humane Society talking with the vet that was with Penny as she passed. The vet had walked away and I was left sitting and crying. A super cute lil’ pup came wandering over to me, followed by a vibrant woman wearing bright red lipstick. This woman was the, “Fairy Dawg Mother.” We chatted for a while and I decided that when I was ready I would foster dogs through her to help me move through the grief of losing Penny.

Weeks later, I contacted Nikki and a few days after that she brought me Annie.  Annie had been abused, her body scarred.She slowly got out of the car and made her way over to me. I bent down to show I wasn’t going to hurt her.  Annie looked up at me, tail wagging, and licked me right on the nose. In that moment, I knew, she was mine. I “fostered” Annie for a few weeks, just praying no one would want her. Well, needless to say, Annie is mine and she has filled my heart with joy on a daily basis. I truly believe Penny sent me Annie. Annie has the same sad eyes and huge beautiful heart just like Penny.


Along came Cousin Eddie…

I took Cousin Eddie in as a foster as an absolute last resort. However, Eddie needed a place to stay, so I made the decision to take him in. Eddie and Annie hit it off from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Poor Cousin Eddie liked Annie a bit too much. There wasn’t a blanket, towel, chair, or piece of carpet Cousin Eddie did not have his “way” with. He came to me with the name Zed and within a half an hour of being at my place, he earned the name Cousin Eddie.

Much like Annie, Cousin Eddie has brought so much joy to our little family.  Eddie is crazy, loving, spastic, hysterically funny, and sassy. He runs the roost and makes sure no car drives down the alley without his permission. He snuggles my neck every night and is quick to yawn and sneeze directly on my face in the morning.

I am now very aware of my “foster failure” tendencies!



My co-workers know me as the “Dog Lady” at work. I am constantly pimping out our dogs that need adoptions and I chastise anyone that goes through a breeder. My office mate’s wife told her buddy, Kristie, about the “My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue.”  Kristie contacted Nikki about a dog named Gunner.  Kristie fell in love with this dog at first glance. After Nikki met with Kristie and deemed her Gunner-worthy, Kristie took home her baby. The awesomeness of the story does not end there. The first weekend Gunner was home, he played a very important part in Kristie’s future. While at home, Gunner moseyed over to Kristie with something attached to his collar. Christy looked down and much to her surprise, it was a ring! She looked up and her now, “fiancé,” was on bended knee asking for her hand in marriage.

Thank you “Fairy Dawg Mother” and thank you Gunner!