Huckleberry Needs a Heroine

Huckleberry is available for adoption from My Fairy Dawg Mother

All dogs start somewhere. Some dogs have a happy story of going from their mommy and siblings to a happy furever home with people who love them till the end. However, in rescue there are dogs who don’t have happy beginnings, and come to us filled with anxiety, trauma, and baggage.

At My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue, we try to adopt dogs into their perfect families; sometimes that’s so easy, but often, it’s really difficult. Rescue dogs are not cookie cutter, perfectly behaved, predictable dogs ready for anything. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad dogs. It just means they need the perfect family. They’re special, and they hope that a human will see the special in them, and work with them to realize their full potential.

Huckleberry is one of those dogs.

This handsome low-rider boy is a labrador-basset hound mix, with the most ridiculous sense of affection for his person. The key about his person though….Huckleberry needs a women-only lifestyle.

Huckleberry is afraid of men due to some of his early experiences, and that means the Fairy Dawg Mother is looking for a heroine to help save this sweet boy. He’s been thriving at his foster mom’s home, and does amazing with women. He’s a good dawg, but just gets terrified and nervous around men. So we want him to be safe and happy in his forever home.

He is good in a group!

His foster mom says “We have a dog-savvy cat, and Huckleberry has lived with cats before. Huckleberry is available for adoption from My Fairy Dawg MotherHe can get a little carried away, so he has to be monitored with any feline friends, and I separate them when we aren’t home. But he can live with cats and playful dogs. Not the best with alpha personality dog types though. Luckily we only have one of those (out of 4 dogs.)”

Huckleberry is seeking an ideal home with a woman (or women) with a a quieter lifestyle. He would love it if you are not gone for long periods of time. He would love some activity in the outdoors, but would also like a fenced yard to run around in and play and chase squirrels (though he doesn’t like to be outside by himself for too long). A home with another dog would be a plus to help him build up confidence, as long as that dog isn’t aggressive and dominant.

Do you think you have the perfect place for this handsome lad? Are you ready to be completely and fully loved by a velcro dawg? Then consider filling out an application.

Huckleberry is waiting for you. 

Huckleberry is available for adoption from My Fairy Dawg Mother Huckleberry is available for adoption from My Fairy Dawg Mother Huckleberry is available for adoption from My Fairy Dawg Mother