Wait for it…

I read something this week on leaning into the discomfort of life and appreciating moments of awkward change for being just that—growth. “It’s not supposed to feel good,” the author wrote… which is when I began to laugh out loud.

Gracie also found her forever home this week. It’s one of those matches in dog rescue that makes your heart smile. During the meet and greet, Gracie’s new dad was astonished, as we all were, that nobody had adopted her yet. She’s perfect. He asked if I had any idea why, and I spilled out statistics on how black dogs are more frequently looked over by humans rescuing a pup and various other circumstantial speculations. But, as I watched her interact with him, I realized they were completely in love; a sort of love that couldn’t have begun only twenty minutes prior when he walked through my door.

Gracie was waiting for him, and he for her. She is such a special creature that she would never settle for a human who could not appreciate her for the gift that she is. Miss Grace Kelley is the ultimate in legendary.

Did this feel good to her? To hold back attaching to humans who wouldn’t be her forever? No way! Her eyes longed for connection, for stability, for the end of her struggle. But she did it, because she trusted that it would be worth it, and it is.

So in all her glory, Miss Grace has given us one more lesson: Lean into the discomfort—it’s not supposed to feel good!!

If you’re in the middle of your struggle, then you probably want to punch me in the face for telling you this, but try to wait it out. Don’t run away or numb out; appreciate the wonderful resolution and utter happiness that lie around the corner.

“Everything will be okay in the end; so if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

-John Lennon