Why dawgs nap

Most recently, life (in the form of my foster dawg) has been teaching me a lot about what it means to live in love. It means loving yourself, loving friends, loving family, strangers, pets– lots and lots of love.

Dogs take naps– lots and lots of naps. I’ve concluded that this is because they love so fiercely and they’re just far too exhausted to do much else. In my opinion, we see this more in the world of dog rescue than anywhere else. Take my current foster, Tank, who expends every bit of energy with love. His eyes plead it, his tail wiggles it, his tongue licks it, and his whiskers even softly tickle it. It is unconditional and unending. He doesn’t do it because I’ve earned it in some way or because he feels the need to live up to some sort of expectation; he does it because he’s a dog and dogs are made of love.

Anyways, that’s why we here at My Fairy Dawg Mother Headquarters are big nap supporters. Let’s all take a lesson from Mr. Tank and live in love. Love so hard that all you want to do is nap. Let it ooze from your pores and spread it around to everyone you can. Wiggle it to your friends and family, and lick your boyfriends or girlfriends (hey, we don’t judge– lick both).

Don’t do it because you are obligated, do it because you can, and because we all must do what we’re capable of.

Live in love. You just might be surprised where you find yourself.

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Author Sarah Deering

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