Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win

We have a favor to ask! But first, here’s why you’ll want to help:

We hear a lot about dogs and the military. I could talk for hours on the benefits of a psychiatric service dog for veterans with mental and/or physical disabilities. And who hasn’t seen one of those adorable homecoming videos where dawg and human are reunited after deployment?! There is something very heartwarming in the connection between canines and the armed forces.

The story I’m about to tell you is a little different though. It’s about a man named Dana and the love of his life—a 3 ½ year-old American Bulldog named Tank. These two have been bros since Tank was itty bitty. Originally his ex-girlfriend’s dog, Dana took over custody of Tank in the split and spent a great deal of time training, caring for, and loving Tank. They hike together, run together, chill together–you name it, they’re probably doing it together. We were lucky enough to meet this special furkid at our last Board meeting and I promise you, Tank is a wonderful. It’s clear to see how much love he and Dana share and how positive this has been for two of them.

Dog rescue is not always full of heartwarming stories like this, and we at MFDM all found it very refreshing to be able to help out such a wonderful human and his fantastic pup. Dana is a member of the United States Air Force and is being deployed overseas this fall. He is not able to take Tank with him and is in search of the perfect new home for him. We hold military persons in very high regard and have a great deal of respect for the challenges they face. Dana loves his pup so much and finding a new furever family for him should be the least of his worries as he prepares to pick up his life and move. This will by no means be an easy transition for either of them, which makes locating the right kind of human even more important. Dana, like most of us, has seen the horror stories of what happens when dogs are listed on Craigslist or given to a friend of a friend of a friend. The sad truth is that a lot of people are terrible pet owners. We want to make sure that Tank lives out the rest of his days loved as fiercely as he is with Dana.

Here’s where the favor comes in… We need your help in finding the perfect home for Tank. Do you know a family who is looking for a well-trained pal to incorporate into their life? Or maybe a single guy who needs a sidekick? Help support Dana and Tank by sharing their story. The perfect home is out there and who knows, you might be the link that helps Tank find his happy ending.

Tank would benefit from being in a home with a family where he will be involved in every aspect of their lives. He makes an excellent hiking and running partner! He is well trained and very loyal. He is best as being the only animal in his home. He is particular about the company he keeps with dawgs and prefers humans over canine companionship. No cats please. Tank’s adoption fee includes all vaccinations, neuter, lifetime enrollment on his microchip, and one group session with our dawg trainer.

The Air Force motto is “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win.” I know it’s cheesy, but let’s do the same for Tank—Aim High, let their story fly, fight for what Tank deserves, and everyone will win!

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