Dog's Name: Olive
Age: 4
Breed: Bluetick Hound
I am a: Female, spayed
Weight: 54 pounds
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: Olive is smart, but needs to learn some basic commands. She's quick to pick up on them once someone works with her.
Adoption Fee: $175.00

In early spring of 2015, Olive wandered on to a farmer’s property in rural Arkansas, where she soon gave birth to six puppies. Once the puppies were weaned, they were given to the local animal shelter along with their mother. A short while later, Olive caught a ride to Denver.

Olive is a playful dawg who gets along well with all of her foster brothers and sisters. We do not know what her attitude towards cats is.

She is potty trained and has learned the command “sit”. Olive still uses jumping up as a greeting to new people entering the house. She is some what vocal. She would probably fare well with a high pitched bark training collar to reduce the amount of her vocalization.

Olive bonds quickly with her caregivers. She would do well in a home with young children that understand the respect and love that dawgs require. Blue Ticks make excellent family companions and typically love children. They have little to no health problems.

Olive is not a candidate for off leash training. However, she walks well on a leash with the use of a “gentle leader” and loves taking trips to the dawg park. Olive is currently being fostered in Littleton, Colorado. Her adoption fee includes all vaccinations, spay, lifetime enrollment on her microchip, and one group session with our dawg trainer.