Dog's Name: Myah
Age: 5 Years old
Breed: Black Lab Mix
I am a: Female, spayed
Weight: 52 Pounds
Cat Friendly? Yes
Special Notes: well trained, calm, likes kids
Adoption Fee: $125.00

My life began in rural Kansas. I was taken in by a good Samaritan after she had heard that my person was planning on shooting me because he didn’t want me anymore. The good samaritan introduced me to the people of My Fairy Dawg Mother, and I was placed under their protection.

The Fairy Dawg Mother helped me get adopted by a local Colorado family at the age of three. They planned on training me to be a service dawg. I loved them very much and they spent a lot of time training me. Unfortunately, circumstances separated us, and now I am looking for my new family.

You should know upfront that I am shy with both people and dawgs when I am first introduced. Please have patience with me, though, because once I understand the situation and what is expected of me, I will open up and give you all the love I have to give!

I am a very loving a docile dawg. I truly do not have an aggressive bone in my body. I am most comfortable when I am with kids that are kind and respectful of me and my ears, tail, and eyes. I also really really love cats! In my last home my two best friends were an eight year old girl and a kitty cat. 

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with the cat and groom her. I also don’t mind if she wants to groom me back. 

My ideal family would have a yard for me to hang out in and lounge in the sun. My family would take me on walks in the neighborhood and to the dawg park when they had time. If they like to hike…well then I do too!  I would also like to be able to curl up with them while they watch a movie or read book. I really want to be a part of a close knit family that will include me in their lives and love me. 

My current foster family says that I am perfectly mannered. I can be left alone unattended during the day. I do not counter surf, or rummage through the trash, and will hold my potty until I am let outside. 

I know several commands and am eager to please. As long as you are clear on what the rules are for me I will follow them. 

Myah is currently being fostered in Lakewood, Colorado.