Tanner – Adopted!

Tanner is a lab mix dog available for adoption in Denver, CO
Dog's Name: Tanner
Age: 5
Breed: Black Lab mix
I am a: Male, neutered
Weight: 50 lbs
Cat Friendly? No
Special Notes: No cats. Previous hip injury, requires pain medication on occasion
Adoption Fee: $250.00

Tanner is pretty close to being the perfect companion! We have never seen a dog so calm and quiet as this sweetheart. Even when he was in severe pain with a broken hip, he almost never complained out loud. As he has settled in to his foster home and “found his voice”, he uses it only to ask to go potty, and to express excitement and joy at playtime! Playtime—that’s another aspect of Tanner’s perfection, as he can come from a bout of long rest with his owner not feeling well, to seeing his favorite toy and transforming instantly into a playful puppy! He has formed an adoring bond with his favorite “ball-in-a-ball”, and seems to have comical conversations with it as he tosses and chases it about!

This boy is an excellent travel companion as well, relaxing and enjoying the ride for hours when necessary!

While he is excellent with dogs in general, Tanner needs slow introductions to new dogs. Tanner does extremely well in a crate, if it is ever necessary to crate him. He does well at home free roaming, as long as NO food or trash is accessible. Tanner is an amazing addition to families of all types; however, he does love to chase kitty cats, so a no-cat home is necessary!

Exercise needs: low. Loves to play in a yard or with toys in the house
Injuries: Tanner came to rescue with a broken hip from some kind of traumatic accident. He underwent orthopedic surgery and has recovered extremely well! He has a bit of a limp but is using his injured leg more and more! We have noticed a few days that he seems to be in pain, so we have his pain meds on hand for these instances.