How do lunar eclipses affect my dawg?

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the hype surrounding Saturday night’s blood moon—and then I missed it. I’d spent the whole week searching the web for how the lunar activity might relate to our canine friends with nearly nothing to show for it. The Google “experts” provided me with very little insight to how eclipses affect dawgs, so I switched my focus towards understanding what was actually happening.  As we all learned in grade school (and I forgot), the earth crosses between the sun and moon, casting a shadow on the lunar face. This got me thinking of how we (both collectively and individually) often get in our own way. It might be because we feel like we’re not good enough to deserve that promotion, too busy for a relationship, or not smart enough to hang out with those people; whatever the reason, we let our wounds speak for us, fating the eventual failure we fear. It’s terribly sad and yet, we see it everywhere, all the time (but I’ll get back to that). 

 The best dawg-related information I found talked about a generally heightened level of energy in the internal and external environments surrounding us during this time. Most specifically, the digestive system is complicated and for 2-3 days before the eclipse, it might be best to make sure your dogs eat lightly (fun fact: many wild mammals and birds are noted to avoid eating and increase sleep leading up to lunar eclipses).

Spiked energy around the eclipse also exaggerates emotions and it is not uncommon to see trouble or setbacks arise, so be kind and patient with your furkid. By bringing special attention to the thoughts, words, and behaviors you direct towards your pup, you’ll likely feel calmer and this will provide grounding for the both of you.

 I found it incredibly ironic that despite all this focus on lunar eclipses during the week, I got in my own way of seeing it myself. What I learned, is that the best thing you can do to get out of your own way is to be proactive about it. Know what you’re in for and set yourself up for victory, because you deserve success. Healing begins where we stop letting our fear speak for us.

Mark your calendars and take these tips into consideration for the next total lunar eclipse on September 28th!